Dark Tactical Ltd. was established in 2011 after eight year of experience in military gear and clothing.  Back then DT was the first and only company in Hungary offering custom tailored tactical gear, repairs and modification. After years of hard work, realizing what our customers really need we decided to start our own product line. Now we carry more than 200+ different products in several categories. We are official suppliers of security companies and governments.

As manufacturers, we are proud to represent the world’s leading companies of mil-spec materials, like Velcro, UTX Duraflex, ITW Nexus, AustriAlpin, Fidlock, Kydex. Only by using high-end materials we can make sure that all of our products are ready to use in the world most dangerous territories.


TacticalStore.hu was established in 2011 just after Dark Tactical was founded. The main aim of the site is to provide a sales platform for Dark Tactical stock products while also present other products and basic materials belonging to the distribution of the company. The main principle of the webshop’s functionality is to carefully select and test each of our products before acquiring them, thus ensuring the best price-value product range for our customers. Our online sales platform only shows real-time stockpile and we also strive to present as much information about our products as possible.

When compiling our product range, we make sure to select products which are compatible to each other and we also try our best to source products which are not yet distributed in Hungary but for which there is an actual need.

With the sale of basic materials, we wanted to give the opportunity to people and businesses doing equipment and clothing repair to apply professional, military grade materials and accessories which before could not have been found in the local market. To meet the increasing needs of the industry we are constantly expanding this category in order to serve those experts who deal with customized, individual manufacture.

At TacticalStore.hu we pay special attention to following current law regulations, and we meet every single one of them. Our webshop is regularly analyzed, checked and evaluated by outside experts and independent organizations.


MedicStore.hu was established in 2017 in reaction to the increasing need for military grade bandages and first aid equipment. Some of the products could be found under the EMT category of TacticalStore.hu earlier, but after greatly expanding our medical product range in a short period of time, we decided to create a new platform, which will be dedicated entirely to life protection and life-saving.

The new shop offers a lot more opportunities to present medical and lifesaving products in a professional and convenient manner. The product range of MedicStore is (and has been) compiled with the help of EMT personnel, combat medics, paramedics, while we also lay special emphasis on the received feedback regarding our products. As there are constantly new technologies on this field as well, we are more than willing to react to requests quickly or to offer new opportunities in order to find the solution to these ever-increasing needs of the industry. We follow the same principles that our customers could have gotten used to over the years at TacticalStore: ‘everything in one place, in stock’.

The biggest advantage of MedicStore.hu over other suppliers is that there is no need to order the products in large quantities or full boxes. Our customers can immediately purchase those single packs which are missing from their first aid kits, while we also offer completely medkits which range from civilian use up to military and company application.


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